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And the Winners for 2016 are…

We are proud to announce the winners of the Advertising & Media Showcase Awards for 2016 for the best student work from the advertising and media diploma and bachelor students at Macleay College in both Sydney and Melbourne. Well done guys!

As part of Macleay College’s Hype End of Year Showcase held in December last year, the 2016 Advertising & Digital Media Faculty Awards where handed out to students that achieved the highest grades for their work throughout the year.

And the winners for 2016 are…

Best Print Ad: Michael Lamb “One Pair of Sneakers” Converse Shoes

Best Typographical Poster: Teresa Solaese “Dachshund”

Best Photographic Project: Chloe Geggus “Savvy Brides” Bridal Dresses

Best Copywriting: Daniel Koublachvili “Link 4 Change” Children’s Charity

Best Outdoor Campaign: Rowan Slade “You’re Not That Guy” Gun Control Campaign

Best Radio Commercial: Brooke Demenezes “Gymbaroo” Child Care

Best Video: Cassandra Sabin “One for One” Tom’s Roasting Company

Best Video: Caitlin Thomas “Super-Tough” Dr. Martens Boots

Best Social Media Project: Ellen Rafferty, Michael Lamb & Aislin Mcleod “Social Studio”

Best Marketing Plan: Daniel Fitzsimmons “Chanel”

Best Cross-Media Campaign: Alicia Sanarko “All Eyes on You” Chevrolet Corvette

Best Portfolio: Cassandra Sabin

Winners, winners, chicken dinners!

Thanks again to all of the students, teachers and staff of Sydney’s Macleay College who got behind this community project to achieve such amazing results!

61 entries, 39 participants, 8 gorgeous winners!

The artworks have now been installed in our Sydney campus and I encourage you to walk around and take in their beauty.

Here are the eight winners in no particular order. Congratulations to  Adriana Kind, Amy Miller, Gemma Cunliffe, Julieann Brooker, Katie Gow, Manny Aston, Mohammad Rassa and Rebecca Hopper…

MC Art on Walls vFINAL8 MC Art on Walls vFINAL7 MC Art on Walls vFINAL6 MC Art on Walls vFINAL5 MC Art on Walls vFINAL4 MC Art on Walls vFINAL3 MC Art on Walls vFINAL2 MC Art on Walls vFINAL

A letter to your past self

A letter to your past self

I thought this was a really inspiring project from photographer Trent Bell, who asked prison inmates to write a letter to their previous selfs. A great piece of contemporary typography too.
He writes: “Our bad choices can contain untold loss, remorse, and regret,” says Bell, “but the positive value of these bad choices might be immeasurable if we can face them, admit to them, learn from them and find the strength to share.”
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