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Doesn’t smoking kill enough people?

“FREE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE?! Just let me put my cigarette down, get my phone out, open my QR reader, point the came…..” – The dude that just crashed trying to actually scan this billboard while travelling 80km/h on a motorway.


First off, in America where this ad (obviously) ran, only 19% of the population have ever used a QR code, this is the exact same percentage as americans who smoke. Now I’m not big on these newfangled “Statistics”, “Numbers” or “Logic” things, but surely if a Venn diagram was made of these two groups you’d see two lonely circles, just barely touching each other. Keep in mind that used a QR code includes those people, myself included, who’ve done a “oh, cool, it works… Well, I’m never using that again”.
But that’s not even the point; The point is to spare a thought for that guy from the first paragraph, probably called Chad, that crashed his car. Chad just wanted a free E-Cigarette, now Chad’s crashed his car, all because some person didn’t think ‘will anyone have enough time to scan this?’.
Why not just place your completely un-targetted QR code on the street, where it can be ignored like the rest of them?

Post by Callam Hanks