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Sell Me Content… ‘A New Word To Help Sell An Old Concept!’

Content marketing is a strategic way of attracting and engaging a defined targeted audience. Brands distribute valuable or relevant information to ‘pull in’ consumers, rather than using traditional advertising, which focuses on ‘pushing’ out a message.

Content is designed not to interrupt, but to interact.

From simply uploading an image or news article to Facebook, to putting peoples names on coke bottles or Jack Daniel’s sponsoring a YouTube video that shows ‘behind the scenes’ of a music producer, content marketing is on the rise. Boosted by the growth of social media, its effective and getting more and more creative and innovative.

I don’t believe people are ‘fooled’ by it. They know that its marketing based, but it doesn’t matter, if they like it, they will engage and interact.

However, Content is not a new concept. It is simply indirect information or entertainment targeted to a consumer segment market. Brands have been doing this forever…
Whether it’s a Magazine article in “Women’s Weekly,” informing you on how to get the cleanest clothes from your washing machine (brought to you by Cold Power) or MTV interviewing a popular rock band.

Content is not a new concept.It’s just a new word. And we have a shiny new potential lathered platform to use it.

It’s a word advertisers like to throw around to sound smarter. To add a little ‘pizzazz’ to what they’re talking about.

The idea hasn’t changed. It’s been around since the beginning…

How do we advertise without annoying the consumer with the same repetitive message over and over?

Lets give them something they’re interested in, and throw our logo in there somewhere or good measure. BOOM. Content.
But you still need a great idea, and how do you sell an idea? What can you use to help sell something that has yet to be proven to work?

You use jargon.

An internally constructed ad language that makes you sound like a wanker, but a wanker that knows what his talking about. Words like programmatic, channels, platforms, integrated, traffic, ideation and organic reach.
You use it to make old concepts sound new again.

Advertisers have the ideas, but they need to sell them to clients. They need to sound fresh, on top of it and impressive. They need to have a bit of the dodgy car salesman approach, or they might lose the account. All agencies have good ideas. But it’s a hard fought fight to see who can sell theirs the best.

Smother the client in so much jargon that they can’t understand what you’re saying, but they think you’re a genius… a wanker, but a genius as well.

Daniel Fitzsimmons

Intelligent Sounds: Intel’s tablet powered band

Intel released a vivid dynamic peace of advertisement to the world of social media, on the 25th of September they released a you-tube clip, about a robot named Felix. The clip showed off the power and potential intel tablets possess, by creating music with the devices. In doing so, they collaborated with the artist Flume, who gave the advertisement a very special element.
Apparently when Flume was the one who showed the creative and production teams, how to create different sounds with the use of unusual objects, such as; a lighter and a pin hitting a can. The creativity of Flume, really helped build the clip and in doing so he created a song just especially for Intel.
In speaking with the agency “finch” who were the production company for the advertisement, and the ones who created the translusive environment shown in the clip. Finch also had a big role with creating all the robots that where used to create each element of sound in the ad.
The creative concept goes to the “Monkey’s” and how they really found a great area for Intel to expand there digital footprint as a brand. In doing so, Intel has been positioned as an innovative cultural fit in technology, rather than their old positioning which was more clinical and plain.
I must say that having the collaboration of a highly regarded artist like Flume, and the production company “Finch” who built all robots in house, was a great way to go for Intel, and I hope to see more innovative cultural pieces that shows the creative power of there technology.

Post by Daniel Koublachivli