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Winners, winners, chicken dinners!

Thanks again to all of the students, teachers and staff of Sydney’s Macleay College who got behind this community project to achieve such amazing results!

61 entries, 39 participants, 8 gorgeous winners!

The artworks have now been installed in our Sydney campus and I encourage you to walk around and take in their beauty.

Here are the eight winners in no particular order. Congratulations to  Adriana Kind, Amy Miller, Gemma Cunliffe, Julieann Brooker, Katie Gow, Manny Aston, Mohammad Rassa and Rebecca Hopper…

MC Art on Walls vFINAL8 MC Art on Walls vFINAL7 MC Art on Walls vFINAL6 MC Art on Walls vFINAL5 MC Art on Walls vFINAL4 MC Art on Walls vFINAL3 MC Art on Walls vFINAL2 MC Art on Walls vFINAL