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Cannes Best Commercials of 2013-14

Thanks again to ADWEEK for collating the awarded Cannes TVCs for 2013-14. Let’s kick-off with the multi-awarded (and panned) Harvey Nichols campaign. Check the other top listed spots out here:


Cannes in Oz / Product Launch dressed in a Lion’s mane

Product Launch dressed in a Lion’s mane

Agency 1 recently attended an industry event billed as “Celebrating the Cannes Lions Festival”. Cannes Lions is the world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry. Admittedly we were drawn to a cocktail party at The Ivy on a cold Sydney night, however the event had little to do with the 2014 Cannes awards. It was instead a launch of a new offering of real time target research (focus group).

The team at AnswerCrowd sourced a real question from the industry crowd – something along the lines of – “What would encourage you to ride a scooter in a city?” We had another glass of bubbles while answers were sourced from their ‘virtual crowd’. On reassembling, they presented the answers from somewhere between 50 and 100 respondents, and more answers arrived as they presented the result. This was an impressive response. We remarked that it enabled a creative team to pursue a creative direction or discard it immediately, instead of waiting days or weeks for focus groups to be held and reported.

Credits are the currency for information. As favoured by several image libraries, users and contributors pay and earn by way of credits. While AnswerCrowd were not forthcoming with any search fees, they shared the importance of careful working of a question to provide efficient and accurate results.

AnswerCrowd: http://www.answercrowd.com.au/
You can follow this link to join the ‘crowd’ and earn credits/rewards for your opinions – a handy online income for students!

AnswerCrowd’s Facebook post and pics:
Sydney – Celebrating the Cannes Lions Festival

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