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AdSpeaks is a series of talks from high-ranking industry professionals for the advertising students at Macleay College. The talks take regularly throughout each trimester on Mondays from 10.00am – 11.30pm. Industry and public are welcome, but must register with

ADSPEAKS for T2 2014 / Goes Brainy

ADSPEAKS for T2 2014 / Goes Brainy

Macleay Advertising is pleased to announce the industry speakers for trimester 2’s series of ADSPEAKS.

Justin Smidmore, Strategic and Business Director at MC Creative will be presenting
“Corona Extra: How a Mexican became an Australian icon”.
On Monday the 16.06.2014 at 12:00 at Macleay College.

Aaron Michie, Chief Innovation Officer at ZenithOptimedia Australia will be speaking about
“The Innovation Guy – A how to guide”
On Monday the 30.06.14 at 12:00.

There will be an announcement about an exciting third speaker in this series later in the month.

As a reminder, students, industry and public are invited to attend the talks, but registration with the advertising program leader, Ian Thomson is essential under:

Gemma O’Brien on the return to bespoke typography


As the latest installment in Macleay’s AdSpeaks 2014 series, Advertising students welcomed typographer Gemma O’Brien. Known for her illustrated typography treatments and hand-lettering, she has created work for clients including Woolworths, Heinz, Vodafone, The New York Times, SBS and Kirin Cider.

Gemma spoke to the Advertising class about the amount of hard work she’s put in over the past few years, setting her up for a great career in typography. Her passion for typography is inspiring for us to see, and shows how much dedication goes into pursuing a dream.

It was interesting to hear how Gemma’s career in typography quickly succeeded because of the authenticity behind her hand drawn skills on paper and illustration, meeting a revived demand for typography that looks ‘hand made’ and original.

Gemma’s session has inspired me to pursue high goals and helped me understand that I’ll be able to get there by giving my best in everything I do.

Macleay Advertising student, Jessica Germino



Katherine Raskob on the future of Broadcast

AdSpeaks 2014: Katherine Raskob on the future of Broadcast

As the second installment of Macleay’s AdSpeaks 2014 series, SBS Group Marketing Director Katherine Raskob spoke to the students on what changes are occurring in the TV sector of the broad media industry.

Macleay Advertising students had the privilege of hearing Katherine Raskob, Group Marketing Director from SBS, speak about the change from broad reach marketing to the focus on niche markets within the broadcasting sector. Katherine spoke passionately about how television has evolved and how SBS, the nation’s leading multi-cultural broadcaster is positioning itself at the forefront of digital multi-platform marketing. Katherine spoke on SBS’ approach to allow viewers to enjoy their broadcast content when and where they want.

This includes watching whole seasons of shows in one or more sittings on a variety of platforms – and of course monitoring the impact this will have for advertisers. She also mentioned how SBS is partnering with other stations in a revolutionary new way to make viewing and using television more user friendly and interactive than ever. Allowing viewers to not only watch TV, but if they fall for for a pair of killer heels their favourite soap star is wearing, they can then comment, buy, share.

Macleay Advertising Student, Chris Greene.

Glen Fraser on the future of the Ad Agency

Glen Fraser on the future of the Ad Agency

Macleay’s Advertising students recently had the chance to listen to guest speaker, Glen Fraser, a highly successful industry stalwart – speaking about the future of the advertising agency. With his knowledge and experience of working within the Advertising industry, he discussed with us the broadening of definitions of ad agencies and whether we still need them.

He presented the arguments as to why and why not agencies will still be necessary in the future, but concluded clearly; that the agency must always be able to satisfy the needs and values of the client, and when it cannot fulfill this value then they will fail.

He also summarised by stating that creativity in advertising has and always will remain the essential service to clients, and that integration and collaboration of multiple agencies will – in time – triumph over silos.

He reassured everyone that whether we chose to be advertising’s thinkers or doers, agencies will always be needed in the future, even if titles under another name. As a current advertising student, this was certainly comforting. Phew!

Robyn Lear, Advertising student

Macleay Advertising lines up industry pros for expert talks

Art Director Robert Concepcion shows the ad students some tricks at THE MONKEYS
Art Director Robert Concepcion shows the ad students some tricks at THE MONKEYS


ADSPEAKS is a new series of talks from advertising industry experts presented by the Macleay Advertising faculty.
The talks are hosted at Macleay’s Surry Hills campus, and focus on topical issues within Adworld. The series features a regular series of leading industry specialists across creative, digital media, strategic planning, marketing and account management areas.
Advertising program leader, Ian Thomson, said ADSPEAKS has been developed to give budding advertisers contemporary insights into relevant industry issues and know-how. ADSPEAKS has been designed to teach new approaches, methodologies, strategies and skills from some of industry’s most innovative and leading minds.
Previous advertising guest speakers have included Ogilvy Media Director Garth Agius, Leo Burnett Planning Director Caroline Ghatt, Profero Creative Director Matthew Delprado, The Monkeys Art Director Robert Concepcion, Magnaglobal MD Victor Corones, copywriter David Higginbotham, freelance creative director Daniel Evans and TVC producer Tony Tvrdeich,
AdSpeaks is open to Macleay students with limited sessions available for industry and public. If you would like to attend one of the above industry talks, email Ian at
You can read summaries of previous ADSPEAKS here:

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