Macleay College launches Digital Media degree

Building on its reputation of offering Australia’s most progressive multi-media journalism course; it’s focus on entrepreneurship in Marketing & Business; and featuring a dedicated degree in Advertising & Media, Macleay College is extending its selection of courses to Diploma and Bachelor qualifications in Digital Media.


Industry advisory panel members (L to R) Ross Raeburn (UM), Felicity Coonan (Animal Logic), Ian Thomson (Macleay College), Chantal Abouchar (The Studio), Andrew Barnum (Peopleness) and Kim Chatterjee (UX Consultant) were some of the leading consultants involved in developing Macleay College's new courses in Digital Media.

It’s become a well-worn catch-cry that “the future is digital”, but reality is that we’re already immersed in a world where information, communications and data are propelled through the Internet as binary code. As geeky as this might sound, the wonderful reality of digital media is that this information is instantaneously re-translated for us at our point of retrieval (on our smart TVs, laptops, tablets and phones) as articles, stories, photos, films, music and games to inform, engage and entertain us.

Digital Media has become the currency of communication for generation NOW. And because it allows resources to be copied, transmitted and shared without loss of quality, its expansion into all areas of our personal, professional and creative lives is pre-destined.

In the future, every business will need to have a person who can create digital content claims Chantal Abouchar, Founder and CEO of Australia’s first Media Accelerator THE STUDIO as she took part in Macleay College’s series of high-ranking industry advisory panel consultancies in order to develop the new Diploma and Bachelor of Digital Media courses.

The future of media changing is so quickly. If you think about Occulus-Riff and the Drone technologies that are coming out, we need people who understand the potential of these emerging technologies and can coordinate creative and business opportunities around them” adds panel consultant, Fullbright Scholar and Master in Communications Science and International Affairs from Columbia University, Andrew Robinson.

The 2-year degree course in Digital Media features Macleay College’s commitment to industry focused education in innovation, enterprise and communications. The 3 trimester system allows the same volume of learning from a 3-year university degree to be delivered in two thirds of the time, keeping well in-trend with the career focus of the college and the fast moving nature of the digital media technologies. “Graduates will be well equipped to be adaptable and manage the fast change expected within the digital media industries” said consultant and panel member Dr Graham Salter.

An alternate entry pathway to the degree is a 1-year Diploma of Digital Media, which allows students without the ATAR qualification to articulate into the degree if they achieve a Credit average or higher. This accommodates students who are well suited to Digital Media, but don’t come from a more formal academic background.

Students identify one area of specialisation, such as DIGITAL PHOTO & VIDEO CREATION, WRITING FOR DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS or DIGITAL MARKETING or BUSINESS, but complement this with elective units to broaden their skill sets. Career paths are no longer linear, we need to be developing creative thinkers, strategists, problem solvers who can apply a concept to any form of media and are not limited by the media they have training in” added course designer and Macleay College Head of Faculty, Ian Thomson.


“When we employ graduates at Animal Logic, the people who have longevity and will be valuable are those who are curious, have a hunger for knowledge, an aptitude for design thinking, and who think ‘bigger’ about the world” mentioned Animal Logic Art Director Felicity Coonan at the course development panel. Hence the ‘big picture’ approach to the core units of study in the course, with enough specialisation and elective options to develop multiple skills sets, such as combining studies in VIDEO PRODUCTION with electives in DIGITAL MARKETING. “You as a student must be able to tell your story, in whatever medium, as a response to the brief – no matter whether this is gaming, writing, video” adds Design Education specialist Andrew Barnum.

Macleay College has a long history of working very closely with industry, and compulsory internships are an integral part of all courses. This ensures that graduates are industry-ready and useful in the workplace from day 1. Panel consultant and UX specialist Kim Chatterjee mentioned that “In the future we will need graduates who can solve problems no matter what their nature. Then as they gain more industry experience they can move into strategy roles. It was important that learning experiences pit students against professionals and companies.” “If graduates can enter the workplace with the knowledge of how to create relevant content, and also how to develop and work with tools that will make money and save the world, I would hire them” added Ross Raeburn, panel member and CEO at UM Australia.

Macleay College’s new Bachelor and Diploma courses in Digital Media combine conceptual development skills, strategic thinking, an understanding of relevant disruption, leadership and change management with digital production skills in DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO PRODUCTION, WRITING FOR DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS, DIGITAL MARKETING & DIGITAL BUSINESS. These skills provide a great foundation for their careers – and combine real world skills that are relevant now, with an ability to self-learn and adapt to changes in industry and technologies that are bound to come.

Ian Thomson is Head of the Advertising & Digital Media Faculty for Macleay College’s campuses in Sydney and Melbourne.

About Macleay College:

Macleay College offers highly regarded, industry focused education in Business, Journalism, Advertising and now Digital Media. These tertiary courses have an emphasis on multi-media qualifications and offer students a hands-on approach to fast-track their career. The Bachelor of Digital Media features specialisations in DIGITAL VIDEO, WRITING FOR DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS and DIGITAL MARKETING. Macleay College has campuses in Sydney and Melbourne.

For more information, contact Macleay College on 1300 939 888.

Media Contact: Laura Parker | Marketing Coordinator | | 02 8373 5135

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