International Student: Chloe Geggus – Making AdWaves in Oz


What is your career goal?

To work in a global advertising agency and one day own an independent agency.

Why did you choose to study in Australia?

I fell in love with the country after doing a gap year here in 2013. Being English, the weather helps! Living here for two years it already felt like home so that’s why I looked at courses once I was back in England.

How did you find out about Macleay College?

I found the college through Google search when searching for advertising courses in Australia.

What is your impression of the course so far?

I am really enjoying it, I am learning so much. I think it is great that all our lectures work within the industry. It gets you more excited to work within the industry after hearing about specific projects and clients they have worked for.

What has been your favourite part of the course?

The practical elements, the fact you are given assignments that you would actually have to do in the real world of advertising. I will feel prepared when I am doing my internship and working within the industry.

Do you find it easy to be in an Australian learning environment?

Yes – there’s no better way in immersing yourself in a country than getting involved with locals.

Any advice to other international students?

I know a lot of international students are supporting themselves, so having to juggle college work, a job, internship and social life. It is important to stay focused and positive, and know that all the hard work will pay off.

What is your favourite Australian slang

I find it funny when Aussies say ͞arvo͟, short for afternoon.

What is your favourite place in Australia?

The Great Barrier Reef. Pretty much anywhere next to a beach!

Where should we come visit in the UK?

The Winter Wonderland at Hyde park in the winter. And overall London!

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