Ad Students at Southern Cross Austereo

As advertising students at Macleay College, we are lucky enough that our copywriting and radio lecturer Cameron Horn also works at Southern Cross Austereo (SCA). Cameron recently took us on a great field trip to tour of the studios at both Triple M and 2Day FM, where we were honoured to have the Sydney general manager of SCA, Jeremy Simpson, show us the ropes.

IMG_1277 copy


SCA is much larger than I expected: they have 68 radio stations across the country; they are 3 times the size of their competitor networks; they own Southern Cross 10 and other TV networks; they have 270 people employed in Sydney and 120 of those are in the radio section. Just those numbers are enough to leave a fantastic first impression with anyone interested in getting into the radio industry.

What I like about SCA is the unique positioning and specific values of each of the two radio stations. 2DayFM was youthful, bright, exuberant, charismatic, while Triple M was established, a little older, traditionally blokey & heavily focused on males. I liked the differences but also the similarities in their success. I listen to Triple M quite a lot . I grew up listening to the type of music they play via my dad, and it feels really familiar to me. Something I love, and I could see myself working in a place like Triple M – the atmosphere would suit my personality.

We also had the pleasure of meeting ‘Ugly Phil’ and Merrick, two of the personalities on Triple M.

We then were able to sit in on the recording of some radio ad’s featuring established voice actor, Gail Knight ( She was the amazing talent. Her voice was so familiar and I was stunned with her ability to read the time of the ad, to adapt and change her voice to what the director was instructing, her range, it was really amazing to witness.

Overall – I loved our little excursion. It was a cool experience and again I loved seeing the internal workings of the radio stations. It made me really learn to love radio on a deeper level.

By advertising student, Kyra Brown.

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