Internships: Laura Hemsley at B&T

Macleay advertising student Laura Hemsley was lucky enough to pick up an internship at the the industry’s most creative advertising and marketing marketing magazine B&T. 
BT0615_050Laura’s photo of Iona Macgregor published in B&T magazine.

Laura, as a keen lifestyle photographer who has been able to hone her skills during the photography workshop as part of her diploma of advertising. She was able to make herself (very) useful by taking photos for the recent “Women in Media” edition, 3 of which have been published.

“Not only was it a thrill to see my own photos published in B&T, but I also had the chance to meet the leading women in the advertising and media business.”

Check out Laura’s photos of Katie Rigg-Smith, CEO of Mindshare Australasia (P32), Lee Legget, CEO of Initiative (P43) and Iona Macgregor, Chief Strategy Officer at Publicis Worldwide Australia (P50) in the  current issue.


But a surprising highlight of the internship experience was when radio personalities Hamish and Andy walked into the offices of B&T. And of course Laura couldn’t resist asking someone else to take the photo this time.

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