Mercedes Clever Creative?

Ethan Fowler analyses the latest ad by Mercedes-Benz, and asks is this the creative Mercedes solution we would expect?


This is a recent print ad that was created for Mercedes-Benz.

The ad offers what we expect from the premium car brand:

– slick and smooth design
– a clever visual idea in modern look and feel
– corporate designed typography and copy

The clarity and conciseness of this ad ties in with the straightforward and direct style that Mercedes has become well known for in its advertising.

It is assumed that the target audience is people of both genders 30 – 45 years of age who have a well paid job. But the depiction of a man in this demographic may suggest the primary market is male.

The use of a clever key visual that shows a man looking forward and sideways at the same time a creative way of showing what mercedes is all about: intelligence, simplicity, elegance and a clear advantage over its competitors.

The ad recognises that most cars have blind spots, but Mercedes creates so many rear-viewing options, that the driver barely needs to turn their head because the side mirrors are so effective.

Another trump in Mercedes deck.

I am looking forward to their next stylish, clever and innovative campaign.

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