Carlos Alcantara at THE STATION

1G0A2316I’ve read a lot about the Shopper Marketing and it seems very interesting. I’m thinking to go to this way to find my internship and learn more about it. There are many definitions for Shopper Marketing as it comprises a vast array of tasks and touches different areas inside companies. Holistic approaches usually bend barriers and generate a wider set of definitions. Mostly, Shopper Marketing relates to marketing programs that reach shoppers inside the retail environment. This includes category management, format and place of displays, packaging and POS, promotions including in-store sampling, research, mobile apps integration, etc. Shopper Marketing uses strategic approaches to enhance in-store shopper experiences to increase sales and brand equity – including differentiation and brand appeal. But successful Shopper Marketing campaigns will go beyond delivering increased sales; they will also improve brand-retailer relationships, increase incidence of trip types and foot traffic, etc.

After completing his internship as part of his Diploma of Advertising Carlos completed at Macleay College, he was offered a full-time position at the media agency MAGNA GLOBAL.

Click here to read more about Carlos’ internship experience

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