Ad Students make TVC against domestic violence

Macleay College’s advertising students took to the streets of Surry Hills recently to film their very first TV commercial – against domestic violence.

The concept, developed by advertising student Carlos Alcantara, sees teenagers talking about bullying, gender stereotyping and behaviour toward women, that often lead to domestic violence later in life.


Carlos also developed a print and social media campaign based on his concept.


The initiative saw students develop primary prevention campaign ideas that target young people for Our Watch – an Australia-wide, not for profit organisation focused on primary prevention that addresses the pre-determinants of violence against women.

Advertising student Amanda Florence developed a concept that focused on comparing teenage behaviour that can develop into more violent behaviour later in life.


The level 1 students also developed print and social media concepts for THE LINE campaign from OUR WATCH, that can be seen here:

Click here to see the level 1 student projects

Click here to see the original article in B&T

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