Macleay Ad Students Tackle Issue Of Domestic Violence

Independent education provider, Macleay College, has teamed up with advertising agency GHG in an attempt to address the national emergency that is domestic violence in Australia.




The initiative sew students develop primary prevention campaign ideas that target young people for Our Watch – an Australia-wide, not for profit organisation focused on primary prevention that addresses the pre-determinants of violence against women.

Four groups of Macleay students presented their campaign ideas surrounding the key message – ‘Know the line. Call out those who cross the line’ – to a panel of judges, including:

Madeleine Clifford – manager of campaigns, Our Watch

Tim Brierley – managing partner, GHG

Ian Thomson – head of advertising, Macleay College

Julieann Brooker – lecturer, Macleay College.


The line KEY NOTE.key


Macleay College lecturer, Brooker, said: “At Macleay College, we are huge advocates for the promotion of social issues and include these in our education programs. We recognise that building Emotional Intelligence during the teen years is the key to combatting domestic violence in the next generation.

“Our work with GHG for Our Watch aims to arm students with creative and strategic skills to contribute to their community. This creative collaboration comes at a time where we are finally seeing the wider community stand up against violence towards women. With more than one woman killed every week by a current or former partner in Australia, the issue has never been more important, and our students appreciate working on current and topical projects,” said Brooker.




GHG managing partner, Tim Brierley, said that this campaign has been an eye-opening experience given the current agenda and attention given to the issue.

“Getting to the crux of this movement is an important lesson to these students, who absolutely should learn how to channel their talents and passion into an ethical campaign that can help their community, while remaining sensitive to the issue at hand.”


PowerPoint Presentation


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