SuperBowl 2015 Deliver’s The Best (And Most Expensive) Ads on TV

Advertising student, Dion Heal takes a closer look at his five favourite television commercials from Superbowl 2015. Take a look at the amazing work US big name brands produced this year…

February only really means one thing in the world of advertising.


The commercials aired during the game have become as much of a cultural phenomenon as the half-time show or the actual game itself.

With over 100 million people tuning in each year, its expected that companies would take advantage of this tremendous viewership and sell their product to 1/3 of the United States. At a very steep price however. The 2015 cost for a 30 second spot? Almost $4.5 million. That’s $150,000 per second, so companies are going to make sure every cent is worth it.

Some of the most notable ads in television history were produced for SuperBowl broadcast such as Apple’s ‘1984’, and 2015 did not fail to deliver some of the best TVCs. Many which are great sources of inspiration for us as Advertising students.

Esurance – ‘Sorta Pharmacy’
2 years on from the end to Breaking Bad which probably sent its fans into separation anxiety for a few months, esurance owned by Allstate, an American insurance company, brought back Walter White as a ‘sorta’ pharmacist. Basically, stick a beloved character in an ad, and people are going to pay attention.

Reebok – Freak Show – Be More Human

In one word? Inspirational. One of those ad’s that makes you look at the hardworking people onscreen only to realise that you’ve been sitting on the lounge eating chips for the last hour. It makes you look at how you can be “a better human”; to quote the ad, and Reebok is hoping you will choose to buy their products to help you do that. And the Braveheart-esce soundtrack only adds to the desire to want to go outside and do a couple of pushups. Nice work Reebok.

Carl’s Jr. – Charlotte McKinney All-Natural

Well this is America. Football + A very large male viewership. It’s surprising we didn’t see this one coming.

NO MORE’s Official Super Bowl Ad

This is an ad campaigning for an end to domestic violence. This is a very captivating piece of viewing. You find yourself watching wondering what is going, only to realise the seriousness of it, leaving you to contemplate the situation.

Budweiser “Lost Dog”

Budweiser (an American beer company) continued on from last year’s SuperBowl ad called “Puppy Love”, incorporating the synonymous Budweiser Clydesdales in an absolutely heart wrenching video. You’ll be brought to tears only to be shocked and somewhat betrayed when you realise it was selling you alcohol. *cries*

Have you got any SuperBowl ads you loved this year?

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