Native Advertising Explained

Thank God Todd Wasserman from Mashable Australia and Owen Brown have got together and come up with this article and info-graphic explaining what native Advertising is, and how it works. Interesting to note that the rate of click-throughs from Banner ads has dropped from 9% to just 0.2% between 2000-2012. People want content, not commercial messaging.

Read on:

Native advertising is hot right now, even if nobody seems to know exactly what it is. Solve Media, a digital advertising firm, has attempted to solve that problem with this infographic, which takes a stab at a standard definition: “Native advertising refers to a specific mode of monetization that aims to augment user experience by providing value through relevant content delivered in-stream.”Actually, that’s pretty good. As the rest of the graphic shows, native advertising is clearly where the money is going in the industry. At the very least, when ad execs are throwing the term around at Christmas parties, they can be on the same page.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, Owenwbrown

Click her to see the original article on Mashable.

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