ADventure: Ad Students’ Graduating Exhibition

ADventure Event Invitation v2

What a great take-off. Graduating advertising students got their gear on, and let their hair down at the end of year exhibition of student work recently.

Student TVCs were played on the monitors around the college, radio and web work were on display on the Macs, and print portfolios were presented for perusal.

Highlight of the evening was the keynote address from advertising graduate Katrina Fowler, who just one year out of college, has already won a number of creative copywriting awards at Austereo (where she was just voted employee of the month).

It was also a great chance for previous graduates to catch-up and share their stories now working in the advertising industry.

The winners of the awards for BEST OF on the night were:

BEST PRINT AD: YouRhee Sung / Alcofree /  It’s not what it looks like

BEST OUTDOOR: David Hook / Alcofree / Designated Driver

BEST RADIO: Stephanie Younes / Alcofree / Breath-test

BEST TVC: Aleisha Baty, Ethan Fowler & David Hook / Everyone’s a Genius

BEST SOCIAL: Camille May / Trendle

BEST MEDIA PLAN: Ash Maher, Adrian Mcleod & Robyn Lear / Broadband Media

BEST MARKETING PLAN: Emelie Engman / Corona Extra

BEST CROSS-MEDIA: Patricia Tamayo, Jessica Germino & Sarah Zaait / Renewable Energy / Deceitful


Click here to check out the student portfolios online.

For all of the photos from the event please click here.

Stay tuned for more great student work, same time, same place, next year.


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