Ad Students Create Short Film: “Fish Therapy”

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Macleay’s advertising students were busy on set recently, producing their own short film to enter the GET UP! Campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef .

The students came up with the creative concept, then prepared the script, storyboard, organised the cast and locations and prepared the pre-production booklet. On the day of the film shoot each student took on a production role on set, ranging from the production manager, to the 1st assistant director to the costume and make-up artist. Other students were designated roles to source music, prepare graphics and edit the film. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the film will make the People’s Choice award as part of the Reef Reels competition. In the meantime here is a brief synopsis of the students’ concept:

“Set in the near future, “Fish Therapy” joins the homeless fish “Nomo” and the depressed tortoise “Squish” at a therapy session. Both have lost their homes due to the ongoing degradation of the Great Barrier Reef. The therapist, P. Sharman, tries to comfort Nomo and Squish, but is unaware of the depth of the problem. As the patients become increasingly despairing, can the therapist help them? Who is to blame? And what can be done?”


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