MACLEAY ADVERTISING lines up industry experts for ADSPEAKS series



Macleay College has some great industry speakers lined up for this trimester’s series of industry talks by high-flying industry professionals.

The series kicks off on Monday, September 29 at 12pm with Chris Hamilton, Marketing Manager at Yaffa Publishing speaking about “The myths about the selling power of advertising”. Chris will be describing which mediums are better for engaging, selling and generating a direct response, as opposed to mediums that are better targeted for branding. Chris will also be presenting a new student competition run via AdNews. Stay tuned for more details.

On Monday, October 13 at 12pm, Clive Dickens, Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Southern Cross Ausstereo will be speaking about “SoLoMoVo –smartphones, media and the future of radio”. SoLoMoVo (Social media, location aware, mobile and video) refers to the tendency of audiences to be very socially active, constantly share their active location through their device and achieve all this on the go through their mobile.  Radio is in a perfect position to integrate with this behaviour via its huge scale through broadcast and it’s persistent intimacy with the audience via social media. The business opportunities really present themselves when brands and sellers start to utilise this data to better target consumers and buyers.  “The potential for SoLoMoVo and ‘intimate scale’ is enormous”.

Monday, November 10 at 12pm sees Grant Flannery, Senior Lead Strategist at The White Agency on “A strategist in the evolving world of advertising”. Grant is an award winning and published Advertising / Strategy expert who focuses on predicting the next big  digital trends to help his clients realise the value that digital can make to consumers lives. Grant will be speaking about his experience in strategy and how this role is evolving within the context of a digital focus in advertising.

On Monday, November 24 at 12pm, Ben Cooper, M&C Saatchi Group Innovation Director will be speaking about “Clever Bouy – How innovation and product development are the new frontiers of advertising”. Ben, equal parts digital strategist, digital creative and technologist, has a stellar skillset honed from having long lived at the place where technology and creativity intersect. The “Clever Buoy” project uses breakthrough shark detection technology to demonstrate the power of the Optus network. What a powerful piece of brand advertising.

AdSpeaks talks are open to industry and public, but registration is essential under

See you there.

Ian Thomson, Advertising Program Leader


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