Touché RTA

So I was sitting on couch veg’ing out watching something on TV that my girlfriend picked and on came this Ad. It was so funny that it brought me out of my ‘chick flick coma’ and made me laugh out loud.
My girlfriend then turned to me and said, “ that’s disgusting”. I said to her, its so true and that what makes it hilarious. Everyone’s done it. Like everyone at some point has been caught picking their nose or rocking out to their favourite song whilst sitting at the red light in traffic and it’s only embarrassing if you get caught.

About a week later I get a call at work from my girlfriend. All excited she told me she bought a new car. Just like another Ad on TV she said “Guess what? I bought a Jeep”

I was so excited that she had finally got rid of the bomb of a car she used to have and for the rest of the day I was thinking of the first road trip we were going to take the Jeep on. It was going be awesome driving round in that new car.

But all that joy and excitement died when I pulled into the driveway that night when I saw the brand new car with brand new PINK number plates with LOVE HEARTS on them. I asked her why there were pink number plates on the car and she replied ‘Cos I liked them’. Then I asked her but what if my mates see me driving round in car with Pink Number Plates with Love Hearts on them.

At that point looked at me with a little grin and said “ it’s only embarrassing if you get caught ”

Post by Adrian McLeod

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