The Mini Cooper Dance Floor Campaign

Mini Cooper were releasing their new heart land model, with a key insight that mini drivers were known for their individual style. They created an innovative campaign to match that of its customers. INTERACTIVE DANCE FLOORS THAT RESPOND TO MOVEMENT!

Using a mix of Broadcast, Digital, Print, and out of home media to broadcast this event it gained a lot of media traction.

The campaign was kicked off with an incredible video showcasing the interactive dance floor using a bunch of talented dancers doing their thing. Three events were then held all over Australia where media, Mini customers and regular entrants got invited to experience the interactive dance floor. What I loved about the campaign was the experience it gave the customers. An event like this allows the customers to connect with the brand in a fun and tangible way unlike other forms of advertising that can sometimes feel like people are yelling in our faces. Providing an experience like this leads to large amounts of earned media as people want to talk about it. With mini partnering with VICE and this camping also going out through their networks it ensured the right people were talking about it.

After all nothing is better than your consumers speaking for your brand and I believe that is exactly what Mini achieved with this campaign.

Post by Ashleigh Maher

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