Simply Obsessed

Football has this unique ability to capture the attention of an audience to the point of obsession. The recent TVC put out by Foxtel has mange capture the essence of that obsession and showcase it to the world. They didn’t attempt to sell the game, they sold a culture, to a group of people whom were already a part of it.

The minute long TV ad features a reworked version of Tina turners “Simply the Best”, which is arguably the best NRL theme song of all time. Rewording the cult hit to include lyrics such as “You’re simply obsessed, way more than all the rest” .The cleverness of the lyrics have not only capture the heart of any league fan but has a created a statement that all NRL fans can agree on regardless of what team they support or how die hard they may be.

The ad isn’t filled with action shots and amazing try’s, or players staring down the camera asking you to join the team, just as it is in every other commercial that mentions the NRL or any sport for that matter, No, the Foxtel commercial is full of fans, from all teams enjoying the game. Fans who ignore phone calls, get angry at the TV and have some makeover whole they watch the game. Ordinary people who live and breathe for their team and game, the ones with a bedroom full of merchandise and are simply just obsessed. In every frame of this TV ad there is something fans can and will relate to and when you add some of the biggest names in the game doing the same things to the mix you have a winner. People love the idea that their not alone in their obsession that the people they are looking up to are getting just as angry at the TV as they are.

In my opinion Foxtel gets bonus points for the way they have incorporated there brand into the message, it’s not in your face Buy this product or rattling on how it’s packed full of features. Foxtel has let the ad speak for itself, with branding at the end and a bit of shameless product placement here and there. At the end of the message you know that you have seen an ad for foxtel so the brand message is effective, but you don’t feel like for watching a TV ad, it’s more like a YouTube video really.

The reason with ad works so well is the fact it’s not trying to sell you the game of rugby league, they are selling a new way to enjoy the game that the target market already loves so much. They found a way to capture the essence of every fan and market that. It’s not on your face, it has minimal branding and it’s true to the target market, it may sound cheesy but its more of a love story then a commercial, something that an outsider may not understand, but those that live and breathe the football culture relate to every word, its A refreshing break form the status quo of sports related advertising. Not to mention it’s catchy as all hell.

Post by Aleisha Baty

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