AdSpeaks: Successful Ad-Grad James McInerney returns


Macleay Advertising students recently had the privilege of hearing from a successful advertising graduate, James Mclnerney. In a short period of after graduating from the Diploma of Advertising, James went on to become a strategist and a producer at the production company KONTENTED, and is now coming up with ideas and producing content videos and television commercials with people like Red Foo and Katy Perry. Having James speak of the new job opportunities within the advertising industry, which combine a number of areas of skills such as conceptualizing and producing, was inspiring. I know of a few fellow students (and myself) that aren’t quite sure which area of advertising we want to go into just yet, so to have James come in and speak about the many new opportunities that are becoming available in our industry has made us really want to broaden our own set of skills.  Also the fact that James decided to build on from his career as a DJ and study advertising at the age of 30 has really inspired me to always keep studying and learning new things, even when you are working in industry. The lesson that I took home from James is that you should never give up on what you want.

Sarah Zaait, Advertising Student.

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