Homeless Advert


The message in this video is that “every homeless person is someone’s child – treat them with respect”. I thought this was quite a smart ad in a few ways. Firstly when you’re watching, you don’t know what they are trying to sell or figure out what the ad is for. When in fat, they are not selling anything; they are only raising awareness to respect everyone.

Another interesting point is that they try to pull on the heartstrings of the audience, by using actors/images of different ages groups, from infants, kids and up to the elderly. The people in the ad are also given ‘names’. Therefore making them seem more ‘real’, that they could actually be either your brother/sister/aunt/uncle etc. This brings home the fact that everyone on the street has a family out there somewhere.

The length of the ad was suitable, as the message was easily conveyed within the timeframe. There is no negative about this video. It’s a good length for a public announcement, TV ad, YouTube commercial and other short social media platforms.

Post by Safak Duygun

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