Cosmetically Revealing


A campaign I love at the moment is Dermablend’s “Camo Confessions”. The campaign features a series of videos with people who conceal their severe skin conditions to reveal who they truly are. The heavy-duty make up has masked their flaws so people pay attention to who they are, instead of their skin conditions.

Make up YouTube sensation Cheri Lindsay reveals that she has vitiligo (a skin condiiton that causes severe pigmentation) in her “Camo confession” and Cassandra Bankson, another infamous make-up YouTube hit, reveals she suffers from acne.

The compelling videos challenge our traditional conceptions with cosmetics. Instead of selling vanity and an unhealthy obsession with self-image to create perfection that hides who we are under a mask, Dermablend’s unique positioning isn’t about hiding; it’s all about concealing and revealing the true you.

Post by Jelena Pusic

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