Chicken & ****


No body denies the hunger of The Hound, especially when it involves some good chicken. The HBO blockbuster show Game of Thrones depicted in its first episode of the new season on 6th April 2014, The Hound tearing apart a bar, murdering thieves and kicking some serious ass for being denied the opportunity to sink he’s golden teeth into some fresh chicken.

BAM! KFC was on the attack; 10 minutes after the show aired they released the above ad on Facebook. It was huge, it was like Oreo jumping on the Superbowl black out and releasing on twitter “you can still dunk in the dark”. It’s simple, clever; it nails home and connects with a huge target market of Game of Throne and chicken lovers. This released a spark across the internet, t-shirts and parody memes have spread and even know all I can think is how badass KFC’s chicken is…. It works!

I personally think they should release a whole line of GOT themed products and ads. The brand of Game of Thrones is steam rolling ahead building momentum and popularity. This Facebook ad is a reflection upon KFCs online presence. If you decide to have a gander onto KFC’s Facebook page you will find monster burgers that crush cities, sexy beach babes and wearing chicken strips as wedding rings.

As a result this video was released.

Now I am not certain this is a video created by KFC but this is what happens when an idea sparks. Its like a forest fire, it spreads and inspires others. The capitalization of the episode gave KFC huge social media awareness. There presence often gets drowned out by McDonald’s ads on television but it seems Kentucky Fried Chicken as taken a step up and taken a totally different medium to battle there competitor.


Post by Andrew Crapis

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