Catch Them All!


As of April 1st 2014, April Fools Day, Google updated their Maps app with the possibility to catch Pokémon across the globe. The idea was simple, when consumers used the application Pokémon would appear around actual locations in the world. The mini-game is part of Google’s fictional recruiting search for the newly available position of Pokémon Master. The game finishes on the 2nd April. The update was merely a fun and quirky way to celebrate April Fools Day.

The challenge is to catch all 150 Pokémon available. Major locations such as Tokyo Japan and Sydney Australia have the top level Pokémon available; Pikachu and Charmander. As soon as I raided Sydney’s business district, I jumped straight to where I live…. Seems like I do live in a place where no Pokémon would travel to. It’s this interest and excitement that enabled users to be so into this simple piece of update. The idea that all different generations could explore the globe in search of Pokémon is both intellectually brilliant and fascinating.

The way the update worked was when you have spotted a Pokémon you would tap on it, then push “Catch it”, you would then be notified that you have captured the Pokémon and it will be stored in your Pokedex. You would be rewarded with small icons letting you know every 5 to 10 Pokémon caught.

One of the most astounding things about this April Fools celebration is that it made me and probably most users feel nostalgic. I am sure many of you after playing the game for a straight 4 hours would then run out of phone battery and start looking for your old 90’s game boy colour and scrounging around for those small plastic squares that released years of child hood memories. As I finish writing this I am jumping on EBay and looking for my very own.

Post by Andrew Crapis

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