Katherine Raskob on the future of Broadcast

AdSpeaks 2014: Katherine Raskob on the future of Broadcast

As the second installment of Macleay’s AdSpeaks 2014 series, SBS Group Marketing Director Katherine Raskob spoke to the students on what changes are occurring in the TV sector of the broad media industry.

Macleay Advertising students had the privilege of hearing Katherine Raskob, Group Marketing Director from SBS, speak about the change from broad reach marketing to the focus on niche markets within the broadcasting sector. Katherine spoke passionately about how television has evolved and how SBS, the nation’s leading multi-cultural broadcaster is positioning itself at the forefront of digital multi-platform marketing. Katherine spoke on SBS’ approach to allow viewers to enjoy their broadcast content when and where they want.

This includes watching whole seasons of shows in one or more sittings on a variety of platforms – and of course monitoring the impact this will have for advertisers. She also mentioned how SBS is partnering with other stations in a revolutionary new way to make viewing and using television more user friendly and interactive than ever. Allowing viewers to not only watch TV, but if they fall for for a pair of killer heels their favourite soap star is wearing, they can then comment, buy, share.

Macleay Advertising Student, Chris Greene.

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