Glen Fraser on the future of the Ad Agency

Glen Fraser on the future of the Ad Agency

Macleay’s Advertising students recently had the chance to listen to guest speaker, Glen Fraser, a highly successful industry stalwart – speaking about the future of the advertising agency. With his knowledge and experience of working within the Advertising industry, he discussed with us the broadening of definitions of ad agencies and whether we still need them.

He presented the arguments as to why and why not agencies will still be necessary in the future, but concluded clearly; that the agency must always be able to satisfy the needs and values of the client, and when it cannot fulfill this value then they will fail.

He also summarised by stating that creativity in advertising has and always will remain the essential service to clients, and that integration and collaboration of multiple agencies will – in time – triumph over silos.

He reassured everyone that whether we chose to be advertising’s thinkers or doers, agencies will always be needed in the future, even if titles under another name. As a current advertising student, this was certainly comforting. Phew!

Robyn Lear, Advertising student

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