Solfes – Limitless

Ironlak has once again teamed up with street artist Sofles in what seems to be a sequel to the Ironlak ‘Infinite’ video. People wondered how they could possibly better the ‘Infinite’ video however with the help of Sofles friends Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench ‘Limitless’ easily surpasses it. The 5 minute time-lapse video takes place in a soon to be demolished warehouse in Brisbane and follows the four artists as they painstakingly transform the warehouse into their canvas.
The idea behind this video is probably the strongest thing about Limitless. Whilst time-lapse videos have been done before the sheer size of this video and the amount of time and effort compressing itself into a 5 min video is extraordinary. This is what will send the views through the roof as when people can appreciate
The music is another strong point of the video it is extremely current and defiantly appeals to Ironlaks target market. The choice of electronic music is an extremely good one as its popularity is quickly rising among today’s youth. The intense music is a great link between the fast pace of the visuals and also the intensity of the street art on display. The decision to Dj Butcher, a popular Australian artist, also gives this ad credibility in maintaining Ironlak as an Australian brand.
The only negative thing about this video was that it ended. I was fully encapsulated throughout the whole 5 minutes and whished it could have kept going. I am really hoping that they release some extra content such as a behind the scenes. I think that would be extremely interesting to see how much effort and hard work went into the making of the video.
The combination of the idea and execution made this online content extremely enjoyable to watch. Whilst it will appeal strongly to the target market it will still appeal to the general public due to the skill level shown throughout the whole video. This is shown in the amount of views it has received on YouTube, since its release on the 22nd of November it has received over 6 million views.

Post by Luke Churchward

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