Intelligent Sounds: Intel’s tablet powered band

Intel released a vivid dynamic peace of advertisement to the world of social media, on the 25th of September they released a you-tube clip, about a robot named Felix. The clip showed off the power and potential intel tablets possess, by creating music with the devices. In doing so, they collaborated with the artist Flume, who gave the advertisement a very special element.
Apparently when Flume was the one who showed the creative and production teams, how to create different sounds with the use of unusual objects, such as; a lighter and a pin hitting a can. The creativity of Flume, really helped build the clip and in doing so he created a song just especially for Intel.
In speaking with the agency “finch” who were the production company for the advertisement, and the ones who created the translusive environment shown in the clip. Finch also had a big role with creating all the robots that where used to create each element of sound in the ad.
The creative concept goes to the “Monkey’s” and how they really found a great area for Intel to expand there digital footprint as a brand. In doing so, Intel has been positioned as an innovative cultural fit in technology, rather than their old positioning which was more clinical and plain.
I must say that having the collaboration of a highly regarded artist like Flume, and the production company “Finch” who built all robots in house, was a great way to go for Intel, and I hope to see more innovative cultural pieces that shows the creative power of there technology.

Post by Daniel Koublachivli 

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