Doesn’t smoking kill enough people?

“FREE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE?! Just let me put my cigarette down, get my phone out, open my QR reader, point the came…..” – The dude that just crashed trying to actually scan this billboard while travelling 80km/h on a motorway.


First off, in America where this ad (obviously) ran, only 19% of the population have ever used a QR code, this is the exact same percentage as americans who smoke. Now I’m not big on these newfangled “Statistics”, “Numbers” or “Logic” things, but surely if a Venn diagram was made of these two groups you’d see two lonely circles, just barely touching each other. Keep in mind that used a QR code includes those people, myself included, who’ve done a “oh, cool, it works… Well, I’m never using that again”.
But that’s not even the point; The point is to spare a thought for that guy from the first paragraph, probably called Chad, that crashed his car. Chad just wanted a free E-Cigarette, now Chad’s crashed his car, all because some person didn’t think ‘will anyone have enough time to scan this?’.
Why not just place your completely un-targetted QR code on the street, where it can be ignored like the rest of them?

Post by Callam Hanks

One thought on “Doesn’t smoking kill enough people?”

  1. This both broke my heart and made me laugh. I’m a budding Ad student at UT and I was just looking for intersting advertising blogs. Very nice set up,
    hope to see lots more!


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