Dare to be Brazilian

I am going to examine the TVC created by Nike Football; titled, “Dare to be Brasilian”. This 90 second TVC was created in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup being held in Brasil in 2014. It covers a range of eras of Brasilian football and does so through a number of ways; In this article I will pick it apart and show why I believe it deserves to be in the “HOT” category.
The Era’s
The TVC shows a variety of times throughout the Brasilian national teams history including the 1950s(?), the 1990s, 2000s, and the current squad.
The Nations
Although this ad is based on the Brasilian national team is also features players from Argentina ( known to be one of the best football teams in the world) as well as people who seem to be from England ( also known to be a very strong football side).
The Class’
During the TVC players flash back and forth from playing street football in what seems to be a poverty stricken area, to playing for the Brasilian national team in a packed out stadium.
The whole point of this TVC can be summed up quite well by the title “Dare to be brasilian”. It is common knowledge to those who play/watch football that Brasilian players have their own style of play, which involves flair, skill and speed. For years the brasilian national team has differentiated themselves from most opponents and dominated using this style. Their Style is also known as “Joga Bonito” which in portugese means to “play beautifully” which describes the way they play perfectly, beautifully. This style was created on the street, with the street being the starting point for a lot of professional brasilian players careers. This is shown throughout the TVC when the players are put back into their original environment, and then are shown performing the same trick in a stadium.
I think the whole reason this TVC deserves to make it into the HOT category is the fact that Nike Football have been able to capture and display the whole meaning of “playing like a brasilian” and shown it in 90 seconds. The visuals of the players using skills they learnt on the streets against big international teams make it easy to identify what they mean by “Dare to be Brasilian”.

Post by Michael Chynoweth

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